Welcome to Messy Red Apron.  I created this blog because I wanted to step out of my culinary coma and get excited about cooking while at the same time being creative with minimal ingredients.

My partner and I have, for years, relied on food like bottled pasta sauces and ate meals which were mostly covered in cheese and sour cream.  But when the blog bug hit me (a late starter I know!) I wanted to change all that.  I wanted to move outside my comfort zone and be experimental.

Having to be on a budget also strengthened my resolve and as a result I set a challenge for my partner and I to come up with creative culinary creations using up to 5 ingredients along with standard pantry items.

Apart from our culinary challenges, I've taken out the cookbooks gathering dust in my bookshelf and will set about improving my cooking repertoire.

There is nothing like being in the kitchen using  fresh wholesome ingredients or creating sweets or sauces from scratch.

What I ultimately hope to achieve with this blog is to hone my skills, learn some basic techniques, expand my cooking repertoire and to share with you how it all works out, for better or for worse!

I hope you enjoy and experiment along with me.


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