A week of food in review...

Sometime over the last month or two I took photos of every dinner meal I ate for a week.  Like a showcase of my extraordinary talents!  It was great fun, especially looking back at the end of the week to see what creations you made and recount the great tastes or gigantic flops.

Sunday night - tacos 

Nacho taco

nacho taco

stand and stuff taco
Monday night - Bruschetta two ways

Tomato & Basil and  Garlic Mushroom
Tuesday night - Chicken stuffed with Camembert and pesto

Camembert and pesto stuffed chicken
Ok, so this was all we had on the plate and didn't turn out so good, but it tasty yummy!

Wednesday lunch - fish & chips

Spiced barramundi with beer battered wedges
This was the first time for a very long time that we cooked fish, we've always been scared we'd over cook it.  This turned out quite well (done with foil in oven).  This is topped with a drizzle of hollandaise.

Wednesday night - barramundi & mayo bruschetta

barramundi & mayo on bruschetta
Thursday night - marinated pork ribs with sweet potato mash

marinated pork ribs with sweet potato mash

Friday night - tandoori chicken with naan

tandoori chicken with naan

There is nothing on that weeks meal plan that I would not have again, it was gastronomically awesome.


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